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The Collaboration Bringing New Light to Fashion and Wellness

Updated: Sep 14, 2020


What started as a friendly encounter has grown into none other than one of the most exciting collaborations between the luxury fashion and technology industries.

In November of 2019, two friends—now business partners—Ron Chereskin, head designer, Modernist Studios (Modernist), and Mike Grillo, cofounder and CEO, Gravity Products (Gravity), joined forces to combine their expertise and create technologically advanced and fashionable products for the home.

"Ron Chereskin began his career as an illustrator, quickly rising in prominence by producing award-winning magazine covers, as well as commissioned paintings and illustrations. He received both the Coty Award and the Cutty Sark Award for menswear design." - Modernist.NYC

Award-winning artist and designer Ron Chereskin serves as head designer at Modernist. His brilliant legacy in luxury fashion, art, and fashion design help foster a creative attitude towards patterns, colors, and textures that beautify any home.

"Mike Grillo found viral success when he started, via the publisher Futurism, Gravity Blankets (Gravity), a weighted blanket that launched on Kickstarter. Today, the two-year-old company, which now operates on its own, runs lean, has $28 million in revenue, and is profitable. Gravity sells through wholesale and even on Amazon." - Big Day Media

At first glance, Ron was unsure of the significant technology that went into Gravity's weighted blankets. The same can be said for Grillo regarding the ever-changing and detail-oriented environment of the luxury fashion and design world. But the two moguls have come together to bring to the consumer some really innovative products—with more to come.

The initial launch of the collaboration started with the development of fashion duvet covers that accent Gravity Blanket's clinically proven relaxation and sleep technology. (Below.)

A few months later, the synergy of the collaboration has brought to market a product that has never been done before: a luxury wearable weighted blanket as the first ever fashion weighted robe.

Introducing the world’s first fashion weighted robe designed by Modernist’s Ron Chereskin.

Harnessing the power of deep touch pressure stimulation, like that of the world-famous Gravity Blanket, the new Modernist X Gravity luxurious weighted robe is the key to ultimate relaxation. This functional and stylish robe features a 3-pound collar to release pressure and melt away stress.

"Fashion and wellness are having a moment, and the ‘weighted’ concept works so beautifully with fashion. We’ve brought them together for Gravity’s weighted robe—the first of its kind!" - GRAVITY

What better way to really show how great things can emerge then through a collaboration between luxury fashion and apparel, alongside the most sought after wellness technology in the market?


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